After a young boy from Cheyenne was attacked by a dog earlier this week, a family friend has set up a GoFundMe page to help the child's family raise funds to help with medical expenses for the young man.

The Cheyenne boy, by the name of Henry, was attacked 'viciously' on Monday (September 27th), according to Cowboy State Daily. No last name of the young boy has been given but he is the child of a member of the Laramie County Sherriff's Department. The Laramie County Sherriff's Office made a post on their Facebook page:

The GoFundMe campaign was launch by a neighbor and family friend, Robert Bazeck. Destiny Snyder also helped to organize the campaign. Bazeck's GoFundMe post to 'Help Henry' says:

My name is Rob my neighbors son was attacked by a dog a we are looking for prayers and any help possible for them in this time of crisis. They are great neighbors who help all the people in the neighborhood and community. Anything helps lets make a difference in their lives like they have made a difference in ours. Thank you so much in advance.

An update on the page was posted today by Bazeck noting that in just a couple of days since the GoFundMe page launched, the response has been amazing and as of Thursday evening, $7,405 has been raised of the $15,000 goal.

As the social media post above says, Henry still has months of recovery ahead of him and remains in the Intensive Care Unit. To donate, you can visit the 'Help Henry' GoFundMe page by clicking the link here.

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