Some people thought Heinz had gone bonkers when they came out with MayoChup, which is literally the mixture of mayonnaise and ketchup, which by the way is actually delicious. Then came more condiment combinations, such as HoneyRacha and MayoRacha (sriracha is the secret ingredient there). But now, they've really gone out of their way for new mashups you wouldn't think they would even try...

I have to admit, if you look in my fridge, I have sauces galore. I put all sorts of sauces on my sandwiches and other foods. But Heinz is really pushing the envelope when it comes to some of these new combinations, as if it's something Rick from 'Rick and Morty' would invent.

There are three new Heinz mashup condiments. The first one is simply known as Hanch, which sounds like it could be the last name of a character in a bad buddy cop movie. Nevertheless, Hanch is a combination of hot sauce and ranch. I would use that on chicken tenders or pizza. Then there's Tarchup, which could possibly be the partner of Hanch in the bad buddy cop movie. Tarchup is the combination of tartar sauce and ketchup, as you may have guessed. Fish and chips might be something to put that on. Maybe the least frequently used one is the Wasabioli. Perhaps that could be the villain in the bad buddy cop movie. Wasabioli is wasabi and garlic aioli mixed into one. Perhaps that would be something to dip some Chinese food sides in.

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Before you go crazy with the idea of putting Hanch on everything, these condiments from Heinz are currently only being sold in Canada. But I think we've seen this movie before (I'm not sure why this article has such a movie theme to it). The condiments get tested up there and then later on are available nationwide in the U.S.

That seems to be the plan that Heinz has at this point. Of course, if you like any of those combinations and you don't really feel like waiting for Heinz to release them, go ahead and make those combinations yourself. Enjoy your new options for crazy dipping sauces, everyone!

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