Going camping, hiking, or maybe horseback riding in Wyoming this summer?

Well, if you're afraid of ghosts you might want to sear clear of Cedar Mountain Wyoming. It's located in the northwest part of the state, near Cody.

It's not the only haunted mountain in the state. But it is called, by far, the most haunted.

This Wyoming mountain is thought to be home to spirit activity dating back to American Indian times.

It was once called Spirit Mountain. Now it's Cedar Mountain.

Please don't misunderstand, Cedar Mountain is beautiful.

Located near Cody, Wyoming it's a favorite with hikers, climbers, and nature enthusiasts.

The mountain is 7,890 feet above sea level. it's quite a hike to the top.

But enough of that. Let's get into its creepy reputation.

Folks believe the mountain has the ghosts of many people who have died up there.

Spirit Cave, underneath the mountain, is a complicated cave system that will spook you just to look at the entrance.

People claim to have heard the footsteps of those who have died in these caves and canyons.

Listen carefully, they say, and you can hear faint voices of the dead while hiking or camping up there.

Most people have no trouble hiking during the day. Night hikes are out of the question.

Gravestones along some of the trails serve as proof of the dead.

Find the cave on the mountain and see if you dare explore it, now that you know so many people have died there.

Some claim the mountain is the site of Wyoming's "little people." "Little people" appear in many American Indian legends. They're smaller, devil-like beings.

I'm not sure about you but all of this talk makes me want to go and investigate. Maybe camp a few nights just to see what happens.


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