This is big. If you're a fan of music history, this show is can't miss. The Lincoln announced Sugarhill Gang will perform in February, and I can't get over it. They're the original hip-hop group. No one listened to hip hop on a larger scale in the late 70s and early, very early 80s. Sugarhill Gang are hip-hop pioneers and coming to our city.

This is so cool. I'm nerding out over this. I'm not saying that hip-hop would have never made top 40 radio in the 80s, but the contributions Sugarhill Gang has to modern music and culture are endless.

The show is going to be on February 10th at The Lincoln, you can purchase tickets here. They're on sale now and $35.

Go ahead and party to their hit, "Rappers Delight". It's not a test, either, they're rapping to the beat.

2023 is going to start off hot with Sugarhill Gang making their way to Cheyenne to play at The Lincoln in February. This is going to be a great show to catch in February when it's cold and we're lacking entertainment.

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Shout out to the team at The Lincoln for continuing to bring awesome live music to Cheyenne. They have brought in so many awesome acts over the past few years and I'm really looking forward to seeing what else they bring us in 2023. Sugarhill Gang for sure is going to bring in the new year with a bang.

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