When this year started, a lot of people thought, "The only thing that could stop this team is injury."  That has definitely been a factor and it's looking worse.

It is fair to say that it's still very early in the week.  At the posting of this article, that game was still being played 24 hours ago.  So could it change?  Absolutely it could.  But the fact that Josh Allen's name is even showing up for fantasy football owners should be concerning.

The official injury reports for the week are not out yet.  Updates will come later in the week, but don't be surprised if you are a fantasy football owner and you see these names pop up this week...

  • Matt Milano - Oblique (Questionable)
  • Josh Allen - Elbow (Questionable)
  • Greg Rousseau - Ankle (Questionable)

Allen was injured on one of the last plays of the game against the Jets when Bryce Huff beat David Quessenberry around the outside to get a strip sack on Allen.  His elbow was fully cocked when Huff interrupted the throw.  It appears that's where he might have injured it.  At this point, they are still evaluating how much damage was done.

The hope is that it's just a minor strain and nothing too serious but what most professionals are saying is that it could be major.  Obviously, they are making that assessment simply on what they've seen on TV though.  They haven't had the opportunity to talk with Allen himself or do a proper visit to make that diagnosis.

You may remember that this isn't the first time he's dealt with an elbow injury.  Back in 2018 he went out after a hit against the Houston Texans.

Allen downplayed this past Sunday's injury when reporters asked him about it immediately after the game.  His response was, "There’s some slight pain, but I’ll get through it,”

You can bet that all of Bills Mafia will be keeping an eye on his status as the Bills get ready to take on a very good Minnesota Vikings team this week at Highmark Stadium here in Buffalo.

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