did a study to find the college towns that were most accommodating for students with cars, and Laramie, Wyoming ranked 12th. And that's among college drivers nationwide.

Is this a surprise? Laramie also happens to have public transportation second to none in The Cowboy State. Also Laramie is a small town where getting anywhere isn’t far for those without a car.

Maybe it’s not such a surprise, though, if most attending University of Wyoming are in-state students. Whatever town they’re from, they’re all used to drives to other parts of the state being long, and most Wyomingites are just used to having our own vehicles. Anyone from Texas can relate to that.

This may be another reason for ranking number 12 in college towns where students bring their cars. With Laramie’s weather, and oxygen level at over 7,000 feet, having to walk really does seem uphill both ways in the snow.

And the top 11:

  1. Harrisonburg, VA          James Madison University
  2. Logan, UT                     Utah State University
  3. Statesboro, GA             Georgia Southern University
  4. Ames, IA                       Iowa State University
  5. St. Cloud, MN               St. Cloud State University
  6. Charleston, IL               Eastern Illinois University
  7. Provo, UT                     Brigham Young University
  8. Flagstaff, AZ                 Northern Arizona University
  9. Vermillion, SD               University of South Dakota
  10. Auburn, AL                    Auburn University
  11. Tuscaloosa, AL             University of Alabama

See the whole list here.

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