What's with the weather this week from being record-breaking hot, to the sudden chilly "sweater weather" Friday. If you are planning on doing anything fun this weekend, make sure to check the weather and be prepared. Before that, here's a recap of all that has happened this past week.

The University of Wyoming is Closing the Union Parking Lot

Did you hear? The University of Wyoming is closing the Union parking lot for a "second prexy's pasture."

First Snow Reported in Wyoming

Laramie hasn't snowed yet, but northern Wyoming has gotten its first snow. Why am I not surprised? However, with the weather being hot and cold all of a sudden, I hope everyone is taking care of their health!

Queen Elizabeth II Passed Away, and Here's What's Gonna Happen Next

If you did not know, Queen Elizabeth II passed away on September 8, at the age of 96. So many questions: what comes next, including who is next in line for the throne and when the late queen's funeral will be held. Below, here's everything we know about what happens next following the queen's death.

Wyoming Trooper Facing Multiple Sexual Assault Charges

A Wyoming Highway Patrol trooper arrested Aug. 30 on a warrant related to a monthslong Cheyenne Police Department investigation is facing multiple sexual assault charges.

The University of Wyoming Extension Releases a High-Altitude Cookbook

The University of Wyoming Extension recently released its new “High-Altitude Baking” cookbook, a collection of original elevation-adjusted and user-tested recipes ranging from cakes and cookies to scones, muffins, bread, and pizza.

Laramie's Best Asian Restaurants

A list of all the best Asian Restaurants in Laramie, Wyoming. Not in any particular order!

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