Like many Laramie County residents, I waited until Tuesday to vote.

My polling station is at the First Congregational Church on Forrest Drive, just across from East High School. Today was the first time I've had a wait longer than 10 minutes to vote.

From start to finish, the process lasted 40 minutes. The line wrapped around the building and down the hallway of the church. And although the weather couldn't have been nicer today, it was a helpful move by the church staff to let patrons wait indoors.

Despite the 40 minute wait, I actually enjoyed the overall experience. Not just because I felt good about voting, but because of what a great mood everyone in line and the volunteers had.

This election process, particularly on a national level, has been nasty. Relationships between friends, and even family members have been severed because of differing opinions. However, in the polling place line there was no hostility, derogatory comments, or opinions to be shared. Just an overwhelming feeling of patriotism.