A man pleaded not guilty to two counts possession of a controlled substance and one count of possession with intent to deliver in Albany County District Court Tuesday.

Paul Breyfogle was arrested on May 12, after an Albany County Sheriff’s deputy stopped the car Breyfogle was riding in for speeding and discovered the driver had a suspended license, court documents state.

The deputy placed the driver, Daniel Chacon, under arrest. The deputy noticed during the stop what he believed to be a suspect marijuana stem in plain view within the vehicle, at which point he had everyone in the car get out and subjected them to a search, according to the affidavit.

A search of the car turned up a small white glove stuffed between the driver’s seat and the door jam, which contained two plastic tubes which had a total of seven capsules of white powder, which the deputy recognized through training to be ‘Molly’ or MDMA. Chacon stated the white gloves belonged to him.

According to the affidavit, a blue camelback backpack was also searched and turned up four individually packaged jewelers’ bags containing a crystalline powder substance suspected to be MDMA, with a combined weight of 3.8 grams, including packaging.

The deputy also found fourteen gel tablets of suspect Lysergic acid diethylamide, or LSD, weighing 8.6 grams as well as a baggie containing five clear capsules with a crystalline powder substance suspected to be MDMA. The blue backpack was located between Breyfogle’s legs before the search of the car began. In an interview, Chacon said the backpack belonged to Breyfogle, court documents state.

If convicted of the charges, Breyfogle faces up to 20 years in prison and $30,000 in fines. Breyfogle’s trial is set for Dec. 19 and 20.

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