I have no doubt this will inspire stories from mechanics who have seen worse, but there's a new video showing one who discovered a rabbit trapped in a chassis.

This mechanic works at a shop in North Dakota. Watch the underbelly of the car as you'll soon see some small eyes peering out at you.

I've always considered myself a car person, but it's obvious I'm not as smart as I think about wheels. After doing some digging, I've learned that this happens all the time. The Animal Rescue Site shared a story of another rabbit that was saved from a vehicle chassis. A couple of years ago, ABC reported about a miracle kitten that was saved from a car undercarriage in Kentucky. That little kitty reportedly traveled 30 miles inside that car chassis. A similar thing happened to a cat near San Francisco a few years ago.

Fortunately all of these animals survived their entrapments. It's made me a bit paranoid as our Casper neighborhood has more rabbits than people.

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