Another drive thru coffee shop is making its way to Cheyenne on the prime strip that is Dell Range. A new Dutch Bros Coffee, a company based out of Grants Pass, OR, is coming to the capital city.

According to Optopolis, there have been site plans for the new Dutch Bros Coffee added to the website of Cheyenne Planning and Development. The plans are to place the new coffee drive thru establishment at the location of where Fernando's Mexican Grill currently is.

The new franchise for Dutch Bros Coffee, which currently has locations in 11 states, will reportedly be in a brand new building just off Dell Range, while the plans call for the parking lot to be approximately where the Fernando's building currently is. The new drive thru for Dutch Bros Coffee will go along the north, west and south sides of the building, according to the site plans.

Fernando's, formerly Rolando's Mexican Grill, was still in operation as of this week.

Here's an example of what one of the Dutch Bros Coffee franchises in Fort Collins looks like...

Dutch Bros Coffee in Fort Collins, CO

As for Dutch Bros Coffee, there are a few locations down south in Fort Collins, CO, so there's a chance you could already be familiar with it.

If you're not as of yet, they're menu has coffee brews such as  'Dutch Classics', Cold Brews, 'Dutch Freezes', Smoothies, Chai, and more. Check out their full menu at the link provided here.

As of this week, there hasn't been a time table set for the project to begin construction at 1829 Dell Range in Cheyenne, but as mentioned, site plans have been submitted.

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