Reba McEntire was featured on late night shows promoting her upcoming projects, including her new album coming out, but one question from Stephen Colbert on the Late Show brought her back to Wyoming.

When asked "When was your first professional gig?" Reba asked for clarification and was told it meant a gig she was paid to perform. "I was in the lobby of the Frontier Hotel in Cheyenne, Wyoming- Daddy was there roping."

McEntire told the story of her brother Pake being paid a quarter to sing some Elvis, but when 6-year-old Reba sang "Jesus Loves Me," she got a nickel. Her first "payment" for singing. She went on to describe her father rodeoing in Cheyenne and working as a rancher.

Judging by Reba's current age (a lady never tells) this story would have taken place in about 1961. She would return in 1985 for her headlining debut at Cheyenne Frontier Days. We're guessing she was paid a little more than a nickel that time.

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