Statistics alone don't tell the full story of one of country music's greatest legends. But the statistics are staggeringly impressive.

147 songs on the Billboard National Country music chart. More than 85 million records sold. Joined the famed Grand Ole Opry in 1943. Elected to the prestigious Country Music Hall of Fame in 1966.

Not bad for someone born to a sharecropper in Tennessee.

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Famously called the Tennessee Plowboy, Eddie Arnold was a country music (and pop music) mainstay for decades. Releasing his first single in 1945, the final Eddy Arnold single was released in 2008, the year of his death at the age of 89. In between, there was rarely a week went by that Eddy Arnold wasn't somewhere on the chart, or at least it seemed that way! In fact, Eddy Arnold had a total of 145 weeks of number one read that right, 145 weeks!

So with all those hits and an amazing career, it might be tough to spotlight just one Plowboy hit. But if there is one above the rest, it's a song that Eddy first released in 1949. And while it didn't take the world by storm that year, when he re-released it in 1955, they say, the rest is history.

'Cattle Call' spent half a year on the charts and became Eddy's signature song. But 'Cattle Call' wasn't done yet.

In 1999 Eddy recorded the classic agin, this time as a duet with a yong artist by the name of Leann Rimes. Once again 'Cattle Call' was a country music hit. Eddy was 81. Leann was 19.

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