Wyoming congresswoman Liz Cheney [R-Wyo.] is praising the U.S. House of Representatives for passing the ''Stopping Bad Robocalls Act.''

You can read the bill, which Rep. Cheney co-sponsored, here. The final House vote on the bill, which now moves on to the Senate, was 429-3.

Rep. Cheney issued this statement after the House voted to pass the bill.
Last year, there were 48 billion robocalls made in the United States, with Wyoming constituents alone receiving 64 million. Today, a bill I proudly cosponsored, the Stopping Bad Robocalls Act, passed overwhelmingly in the House and will hopefully receive quick action in the Senate. Robocalls are a nuisance to millions of Americans, and many of them are illegal scams that look to defraud and harm consumers.

“Just last December, the Wyoming Highway Patrol had to alert the public about a robocall scam that the caller-ID said came from a Wyoming 307-number. The recording told the listener that a relative had been in a motor vehicle crash and arrested for driving under the influence. The listener was then instructed to send money for bail, attorney fees, and health care costs. This is exactly the kind of scam that this legislation seeks to prevent.

“H.R. 3375, would empower consumers to combat unwanted robocalls and give the Federal Communications Commission the critical tools they need to catch those who break the law. By extending the statute of limitations requiring telephone carriers to implement new caller-ID systems, the Stopping Bad Robocalls Act, is a crucial first step to stopping this harmful practice.”

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