Even after all of these years, SNL does fake commercials better than everyone else. However, last night's New Balance commercial parody is the cream of the crop -- it's hard to remember the last time the show made a fake ad that was this funny and spot-on. Check it out below.

The scene is based on an incredibly specific and bizarre observation that pays off in spades: New Balance athletic shoes are never worn by athletes, but rather by middle aged, overweight guys who never run or exercise. Ever. Host Zach Galifianakis leads a trio of hefty guys, who talk about how much they love their New Balance shoes despite the fact that they never use them for their intended purpose. Along the way, they get tired walking up stairs, carry around extra shirts for when they get too sweaty and have dispiriting visits to the doctor's office.

Although the joke could easily have been "Haha! Fat people!", the scene never directly makes fun of anyone's weight. Instead, it goes after the very concept of marketing running shoes, since not everyone who buys them will actually use them to run. On top of that, the cast's overly chipper attitude about the whole thing is just hilarious.

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