Remember that old urban legend that we used to tell each other as kids about peanut butter and bug parts? "There can be up to 7 bug legs in peanut butter before it's considered unsafe," we'd say, grossing out our fellow peanut butter loving friends. Well, according to a recent study, it looks like that old adage applies to beer as well as peanut butter.

U.S. Public Research Group (USPIRG) Education Fund released a study finding that traces of Round-Up Weed Killer were found in several popular beers and wine, like Coors Light, Budweiser, Sam Adams, and Corona.

15 beers that were tested were found to have positive levels of glyphosate, the active ingredient in Round-Up Weed Killer. Wines that tested positive included Barefoot, Sutter Home, and Beringer.

“The levels of glyphosate we found are not necessarily dangerous but are still concerning given the potential health risks,” USPIRG wrote.

Of course, you can still enjoy your old favorite beer, but in light of this revelation, might I suggest testing out some local breweries instead? At least they can tell you exactly what goes into your beer.

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