Taco Bell has slowly but surely been bringing back some awesome menu items and then have another coming as well. And no, it's not the Mexican Pizza, which by the way is overrated. All the same, we're all excited that we can soon get this menu item in southeast Wyoming very soon.

Last year **sigh**, you probably noticed several restaurants having to make adjustments to their menus, like Taco Bell, who eventually pulled several items. However, in 2021, they're making a big push to add items. We've already talked about the fact that Cheesy Fiesta Potatoes are coming back as of tomorrow (March 11th), but now a new menu item that has gone M.I.A since 2016 is back. It's the Quesalupa.

It's pretty much exactly what it sounds like. It's a Chalupa with a Quesadilla inside the Chalupa shell. There's literally 50 percent more cheese in a Quesalupa than there is in a normal Chalupa.

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The menu item officially drops nationwide tomorrow! Therefore, yes, that means Taco Bells in southeast Wyoming will have all sorts of Quesalupas available for their customers. The menu items will sell for $2.99 by itself, which is the exact same price it was in 2016 (take that, inflation) and you will also be able to swipe one within a combo meal for $6.99, which also includes two Crunchy Tacos, and a large fountain drink. There's a meal, that's a meal.

So get ready Taco Bell fans, all the menu items seem to be coming back...Even if one isn't the Mexican Pizza, which I still stay is overrated. There's so many better menu items there. Get over that one!

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