With its ever growing popularity, one of the biggest shows in the world right now is 'Yellowstone'. And of course, we're all familiar with the ties the show has to the Cowboy State. So is country star Carrie Underwood, and her husband, the former NHL player, Mike Fisher. But did you know they recreated their own 'Yellowstone' reference on the popular social media medium, TikTok? Not only that, but it was on their own Wyoming ranch.

Last year, when 2020 was being...well...2020, the celebrity couple were spending some time on their Wyoming ranch and it seems they had plenty of free time on their hands to channel the show 'Yellowstone'. Fisher even took the time to make sure he resembled a main character on the show, Rip Wheeler, who on the show is played by actor, Cole Hauser. Check out the video that Carrie Underwood posted on her TikTok account last year...

While the 'Yellowstone' theme song plays in the background, the dramatic slow motion and the bird in flight was a pretty awesome homage to the actual intro of the popular show. You almost wish they would do another spinoff of characters on their own.

'Yellowstone' already has its own highly anticipated prequel spinoff '1883' ready to start up later this month, starring country stars Tim McGraw and Faith Hill.

If you haven't yet caught up on the series, 'Yellowstone', you can currently do so through the Peacock app for the first three seasons, while its current season (4) is on the Paramount Network and app.

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