Tonight (March 2nd), I had the privilege of participating in an awesome trivia competition at The Accomplice Beer Company in Cheyenne, WY. The night was full of every bit of wonder that I could possibly imagine and then some.

The trivia night was scheduled to start at 6 p.m., hosted by Mat Murdock, the morning show host on our sister station, 101 KING FM. For the record, I know Mat well, and he has no pleasure in seeing me succeed at almost anything.

As the trivia started slightly after 6 to give time for some others to make their way in, several contestants began to pour in and before you knew it, every table of the room was filled in the Depot section of the brewery. For a first-time event, it was certainly a solid turnout.

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I entered the trivia competition as a team of one. My team name, appropriately, was 'Han Solo'. Don't get me wrong, I had several lined up, but that's what stuck.

Anyhow, the trivia was well planned out with five rounds. In each round, you also get to wager points on each question, based on how confident your are in your answer to that question. There's also a final round where you're asked one question and you can wager several points for a chance to come out the victor. It turns out I won, and as a prize, I received a $25 gift card. It's awesome!

It just so happens that in this very first 'Trivia Night', I, the one-man team of 'Han Solo'. Side note: I'm very good at trivia, like really good. I'm like the kid who was great at Mathletes in 'Mean Girls'. Anyway, I won, BUT the most important thing is, it was an absolute blast and I would encourage anyone to go check out 'Trivia Night' at The Accomplice at the train depot in downtown Cheyenne. While it was a great turnout tonight, it's something that could certainly grow and take over the entire restaurant. What a great night! Come out next Tuesday and every Tuesday for 'Trivia Night' at The Accomplice!

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