Get out there and enjoy the weekend! Here are the top five best weekend getaways in the Cowboy State. Sometimes, staying at home for the weekend can be a treat. Relaxing from the work week and getting some chores done around the house, but if you want to hop in your car and go enjoy some new sights, here are the places to go:

Absolutely gorgeous scenery, some fascinating local history, and a great view of the mountains, what's not to love? While it might not be the place you would want to settle down, unless you're Harrison Ford, it can be a great place to see the sights at for the weekend. Last time I was up there, we went to the Ripley's Believe it or Not Museum that sits near downtown.

This one's pretty easy. Everyone in Wyoming knows that Yellowstone is a big part of the local mystique. But with how massive the park is, one trip can't always be enough to get the full experience. You can check out the Haunted hotel in the middle of the park that we covered in October, or check out the natural geysers and hot springs. Either way, it's only a couple hours away.


This one's pretty well-known by locals. If you want to relax a little, check out the Hot Springs in Thermopolis! You can also give a look to the Dinosaur Museums, petroglyphs, tours,  the little shops downtown, or the water parks that also use the hot springs water.

This little town has a LOT of character. Founded by its namesake, Buffalo Bill, it holds yearly recreations of old west shootouts, has wild west towns and cabins you can visit, as well as the nationally renowned Buffalo Bill Historical Center, a sprawling museum that you may even need more than one day to fully experience. While you're there, you can enter Yellowstone National park to the west (if the gates are open) or check out the Heart Mountain Interpretive Learning Center to the east. Worth the trip, for sure.

Okay, hear me out. I went to Buffalo on a weekend trip for my birthday one year. Specifically, it was to visit the Occidental Hotel, which had fascinated me for over a decade, but in our stay, we found Buffalo to be a fabulous little town with a burgeoning tourist industry, due to its Longmire fame. Check out the Occidental Hotel and Saloon, dine in the Busy Bee Cafe next door (which is even mentioned in the Longmire novels,) and out favorite thing to do was to check out the Jim Gatchell Memorial Museum. It doesn't look like much from the outside, but it's a gorgeous and fascinatingly curated museum.

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