One year for Valentine's Day, I came home from work to find my boyfriend cursing and making a racket in the kitchen. "I've been working on this for hours, just sit down it should be ready soon," he said, and with a smile, I sat on the couch with our dog and did just that: wait. A good while later, he came out of the kitchen, chocolate stuck to his beard and smearing his maroon shirt, and with a defeated sigh, he said that it just wasn't going to cooperate.

Apparently, he'd been trying all day to make the "Melting Ball" chocolate dessert. It looks fantastic, and the big part of it is the reveal: When you pour heated chocolate onto the ball of tempered chocolate, it melts to reveal a brownie, ice cream, and fruit below it. We had all of the good parts, without the elusive melting ball.

I found a great video explaining step-by-step how to achieve the illusion if you want to try to impress your girlfriend or boyfriend this V-Day, but be warned: That Valentine's Night I wrote of above? It ended at the emergency room.

Oh not because of the melting ball at all. I broke a glass while doing the dishes and cut my hand open. Don't worry, you should be safe trying to make a ball of chocolate that melts. As long as you're not as clumsy as I am.

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