Halloween is just a little over a month away, so now's the time to start getting stocked up on candy before it's too late. When I was growing up, Halloween was a huge production in my house. We made hundreds of little bags of candy, stuffed toys for younger kids, decorated the house and would inevitably have to turn off the light when we ran out of treats.

Probably helped that my dad ran a vending company, so we were that house with full-sized candy bars.

When picking the best candy though, do you go for the old standards like candy corn or bubble gum? Or do you walk on the wild side with some stranger candy ideas?

In a recent article on Candystore.com, all fifty states' favorite Halloween candies were listed, but Wyoming's favorite probably isn't that much of a surprise. Our neighbors to the south in Colorado love their Twix, Candy Corn for Idaho, Starburst for Nebraska, and Bubble Yum for Montana.

But in the cowboy state? We like Reese's. In fact, Wyomingites consumed 32711 POUNDS of Reese's in the last year.

I couldn't agree more, random internet list of Halloween Candy. Bring on the chocolate and peanut butter!

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