To be a full time musician is a tough gig. Playing music is the easy part. Hauling all the gear and merchandise, booking the shows, driving across the country are some of the hard parts. It is hard to make it out there, and musicians in Wyoming have their own set of challenges.

That is why the Wyoming Art Council hooked up 25 bands with IMTour. The Independent Music Tour (IMTour) is a group that helps bands find paid gigs, industry connections, and all around help to make a living from music. It also helps venues to find acts. These musicians from the 307 will be IMTour "Roster Artists" that means they are the VIPs representing Wyoming.

Wyoming Art Council had some help picking these bands from Bryan Cross. He is currently on tour with Gwen Stefani as her Production Manager. We went through all 25 artists and picked the best of the best. Now we present the Top 10 Wyoming Musicians to Watch in 2017.

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