In 1867, the Union Pacific Railroad pulled into the dusty station of what would become Cheyenne, Wyoming. The railroad is deeply tied to our beautiful state. The pioneers, cowboys, and railroad workers came on the Old West steam engines that built Wyoming with their bare hands and endless dedication. The award-winning Wyoming-based Brush Creek Distillery seeks to embody this legacy of backbreaking work and determination in its Railroad Rye Whiskey.

Brush Creek Distillery Bottles the Spirit of Wyoming and the American West

Andrew Wason, the Managing Director of Brush Creek, described Railroad Rye as "a labor of love." But not just for a love of whiskey. No - the Railroad Rye is a love letter, a delicious sonnet, embodying the spirit of Wyoming and the American West. And it began with a train ride West, just as many pioneers who built the Cowboy State did.

Brush Creek's Railroad Rye began its epic journey in Chicago when 80 barrels of whiskey were bundled securely onto one of the Union Pacific's railcars. Wason explained that just getting the whiskey on the train was a journey - he had to work with Union Pacific for several months and build safety frames to ensure the product could make the bumpy trip. But make the journey it did, following the historical trail of the Transcontinental Railroad to Rock Springs, Wyoming, at one of the oldest railway stations still in use in the state. It was the first time in ages that the Union Pacific had transported whiskey en masse on one of their trains.

From there, the whiskey made its way to Brush Creek's Distillery on a sprawling ranch in Saratoga. It would age for another ten months before becoming one of the 11 inaugural barrels of the Railroad Rye #1 Boxcar.

Wyoming's Brush Creek Distillery Brings Home the Gold for Craft Whiskeys

Brush Creek has brought home gold at the American Craft Spirits Association (2022 Judging of Craft Spirits) and the 2022 John Barleycorn Awards. Brush Creek Distillery's team is no stranger to creating unique, award-winning takes on Bourbon and Rye Whiskey. Their "Honig," a cabernet barrel-aged whiskey, has won 95 points at the 2022 Ultimate Spirits Challenge and a platinum medal at the 2022 SIP Awards. The Distillery also dabbles in gin and vodka.

Today, Wyoming residents and whiskey fans across the country can taste Old West history with a visit to Brush Creek's tasting room, where its Railroad Rye is the newest star shining in their impressive constellation of craft spirits.

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