is a funny site with biting satire that we love, until directed at what we love, such as the way they judged our state slogan.

Wyoming Current slogan: That's Wyoming

Better slogan: Almost Nothing Lives Here

This time, Thrillist got it wrong. To hair split it's actually, "That's WY!"

So not many humans live here. Our wildlife is absolutely awesome. That's WY!

A few other Wyoming slogans have been used at different times, like most recently, "Forever West," and for 6 years of the 1990s it was, "Like No Place on earth."

In prior decades we chose, "Find Yourself in Wyoming," and, "Big Wyoming." And don't forget (or do forget) highway signs reading, "A Great Land Outdoors."

Maybe we'll continue informally just saying, "The Cowboy State," or "Equality State," and let our logo, "Steamboat," do the trick.

By the way, to be fair, here's one Thrillist may have gotten right:

Alabama   Current slogan: Sweet Home Alabama

Better slogan: We Beat Your School in Football. Your School Beat Our School at School.

Wyoming v Colorado State
Justin Edmonds, Getty Images

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