To get the full fall experience, you won't have to travel far.

As a fall lover, I get really excited for those little things that indicate that the season is here. Aside from football, which is a huge part, I love seeing the leaves change color, the dew on the grass, and feeling that crisp air on my face. Toss in a PSL and I'm as happy as a squirrel gathering nuts for the winter.

When it comes to those undeniable features of fall, some states have more than others. There's such a difference that Thrillist ranked every single state based on how "Fantastic Its Fall Is." They looked at weather, seasonal beauty, fall activities and more.

Wyoming is among one of the best.

They put the Cowboy state at number 16 on their list. Aside from the gorgeous views that become even more mesmerizing with the fall colors, Wyoming becomes a little quieter in the fall season. There are less tourists photo-bombing your selfies. I think we would have ranked higher if our fall season stuck around just a little longer before turning white.

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