When people say "That's Wy," there are often countless inspiring reasons to live in this state. Wyoming State Trooper Jaime Wingard shows us one more.
Jaime got a call from a broken down mother and her handicapped daughter who she spoke with earlier outside of Wheatland.  When she saw them, she left them her number in case they weren't able to get back on the road. Hours later, the phone rang. Thinking nothing of it, the Trooper did the Wyoming thing by driving them to all the way to the Denver's Children's Hospital in her own car and her own dime. How cool is that.

Recently, WHP Trooper Jaime Wingard stopped out with a broken down motorist near Wheatland, Wyoming and soon discovered that a mother and her handicapped daughter were driving to Children's Hospital in Denver when their vehicle broke down. They stated they had help on the way and needed no assistance at the moment. Trooper Wingard gave them some phone numbers with information to try and assist, as well as providing them her state cell phone number.

Trooper Wingard departed and went home. While off duty, the individuals contacted her. They were distraught as their help wasn't panning out and they desperately needed to get to Denver. They asked if Trooper Wingard could give them a ride to the state line in her patrol car, but had no idea what to do after that.

Trooper Wingard was off duty at this time, and even if she was on duty, a ride to the state line wouldn't be feasible. Trooper Wingard felt compelled to assist the mom and daughter and took her personal vehicle out to where they were broke down and gave them a ride to the hospital in Denver. She did this on her own time, in her own vehicle, and at her own expense.

We can think of no better example of empathy and genuine care for others than this. This is just one illustration of many of the strong moral character that Trooper Wingard possesses. Way to go Jaime!

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