Honor has unfortunately seemed to become a rare commodity. That is fortunately not the case for a soldier who was captured on video as he stopped his vehicle to get out and salute the procession for a fallen police officer.

There is no location given of where this occurred. The lady who shared the video definitely has a southern accent, so assuming this isn't the recent procession for the fallen Boulder, Colorado police officer who was killed in the line of duty last week.

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See if you don't get chills watching this soldier paying his respects. I'm not too proud to admit that this choked me up a bit.

How amazing is that? It's a sign of respect to pull your vehicle over to whatever roadway you're on when a funeral procession passes by. This soldier takes it to another entirely awesome level by saluting this officer who paid the ultimate price.

As Southern Living shared, there are a lot of great reasons to pull over for a funeral procession. As they mentioned, it's the law in some states. While it's vital to do so only when you're in a safe place to pull over, I commend this soldier for his display of honor. More of this, please.

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