We all love taking our furry friends with us everywhere we can! Especially if we could take them exploring. It might as well be an all out adventure for them. One dog in particular seemed to get a fantastic tour of Cheyenne and experienced so many of the great spots the capital city has to offer.

If you were going to take any friend around the city of Cheyenne, where would you go? Any actual answer to that might not be nearly as awesome as what this dog was able to experience all within one day. Check out the video of everything that 'Mikey' was able to take in throughout his day in the Wyoming capital...

The TikTok user 'MelOnTheMove' took Mikey on quite a tour throughout our capital city, albeit on a journey from Denver. The video had the appropriate background music supplied by the artist Anelda with her track, 'Walk the World'.

To recap everything Mikey was able to see during his tour of Cheyenne, he got to check out a cool mural, he visited the Wyoming State Capitol, he saw some other animals at the Terry Bison Ranch Resort, then he chilled at Freedom's Edge Brewery, which by the way has some of the best beer in the capital city. Then, Mikey toured around the nearby Cheyenne Depot Plaza before taking a trip out west to Curt Gowdy State Park and explore everything it has to offer. I'm tired just from typing that and Mikey was down for all of it and loved it!

Kudos to his awesome dog Mom, Mel, for making it an awesome day for both of them in Wyoming's capital city. It was like watching 'Ferris Bueller's Day Off' if Ferris was a dog.

So yes, in one day, Mikey received the best of Cheyenne ever!

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