Video footage from a patrol car shows a Wyoming Highway Patrol Trooper avoid a car that hit a patch of black ice and was spinning out of control, according to ABC 4.

A cold front has come through and hit Wyoming hard. The temperatures dropped down into the teens and everything froze. Also, with temperatures that low black ice forms on the road and you can't see it.

From the video that the Lincoln County Sheriff's Office provided, it seems like the Trooper was there to help out with an accident in progress. While that was happening another accident almost happened. A driver from the incoming lane must've seen the accident scene and tried to slow down. When they tried to slow down they spun out of control which led their car towards the people in the accident and the Trooper on the scene. Luckily, the Trooper was paying attention, moved out of the away and avoided everything.

This is just a warning, this time no one got hurt. Slow down, even if the roads look clear that may not always be the case. If it is below 20 degrees expect black ice somewhere on the road. So, drive like the whole road is covered in it.


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