This fall has very much been construction season in Cheyenne. There's a ton of road construction happening in downtown Cheyenne, on almost every road you turn it seems. Today (November 18th), the construction in front of The Lincoln Theatre downtown was being worked.

Of course, the street that runs in front of The Lincoln Theatre in downtown Cheyenne is the one way street heading south, Central Ave. The street has had lots of construction on it in the past several days, closing it down to just one lane, which can certainly make for busy traffic with the frequency its used running through downtown. The amount of construction there extends much more north of The Lincoln Theatre, but today, there seemed to be lots of manpower working hard at that particular spot.

In Front of the Lincoln Theatre

There was plenty of machinery and men working hard to fill in not one, but two large gaps in the ground, one of them right at the light where you would stop at the intersection at Central & Lincolnway.

I'm no construction expert whatsoever, but it did seem as if there was plenty of progress being made throughout the workday. It's seemed like that on other parts of Central Ave just to the north that as well.

More of Central Ave

Just north of Central Ave & 17th Street in downtown Cheyenne has also been another focal point with plenty of construction going on constantly throughout this week and prior to that, as it has several blocks even further north of that. However, it's not known when it will be finished.

While it may be frustrating that multiple lanes have been reduced to just one on several of these streets, everyday, these streets are one day closer to getting better and there's definitely plenty of manpower working to make that happen. For everyone's sake that drives through there daily, we can only hope it's sooner than later. But one thing is for sure, progress is being made.


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