Looking to head out and catch some fish underneath the ice this winter? It's always good to be prepared and plan out your excursions, so check out some of the locations picked as the best places to go ice fishing in the Cowboy State.

Glendo Reservoir

Between Wheatland and Douglas, the Glendo Reservoir allows to Ice Fishing as long as the ice is at least 4 inches thick. According to the State Park's website, the ice is currently 5-7 inches, so you can go and catch some fish, but be careful! You might just nab a catfish or two while there.

Voted one of the best places to find great fish, you can find some of the largest trout in this section, and even get guided fishing tours if you call ahead. Check out the updates on the state of the river before you head out, though.

Called a "premier ice fishing destination," ice fishing enthusiasts can even check out the local facebook group for the purpose of checking the ice, getting updates from fellow fishers, and of course, showing off your catch.

Keyhole is a great little hidden gem near Devil's Tower up in the northeastern part of the state. A frequent place to visit in my childhood, being from Campbell County! It's a smaller lake, but that just means more chances for you to get your fish without being overrun.

Dozens of different species of fish call this reservoir home, and ice fishing is so popular, they often hold ice fishing derbies as well! Plus, the picturesque views of the Wind River Mountain Range aren't easy to beat. For another location in the area, you can also check out Louis Lake!

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