For the time I've lived in Wyoming (I'm in my third year here), I've never been able to understand the Wyoming/Colorado riff. I've lived in a few other states in cities that rest on the border of other states, but I've never experienced that same border tension between two states. Maybe it's just the fact that there's the Wyoming vs. Colorado State Border War every year. Call me extremely naive, but I don't get it. But a big part of it definitely exists when I hear Wyoming drivers talk about Colorado drivers. This seems to strike a nerve with more than a few people I know.

I can remember one of my first experiences of living in the Cowboy State when I first moved here was overhearing a conversation when someone said something not so nice about a 'greenie'. At the time, I had no idea what a greenie was, nor did I care to know really. Then the next week, I overheard someone else say something similar. Evidently it has to do with the color of the Colorado license plates. Granted, they're not exactly the most creative looking plates. But as someone who isn't from Wyoming, I said, "They're from Colorado. What's the big deal?"

They quickly snapped back, "WHAT ARE THEY DOING HERE?"...Fair enough.

Since then, I've done my best to understand that there is just some unspoken tension between both states that I'll assume stems from being rivals in the Mountain West Conference. Maybe there's inner-political feuds. I'm not touching that subject.

In any event, there's definitely a certain element of tension in the air when we (Wyoming drivers) see a Colorado driver on the road. Someone on TikTok decided to explain that in a lot less words than I could ever do...

That pretty much explains it. It's just a known unexplained rule. That also happened to show up on a list of things in our recent '23 Things That Are Just So Wyoming.' We'll just keep going with the fact that Wyoming drivers will continue to not care for Colorado drivers. Or anyone else in Colorado for that matter.

Either way, enjoy your weekend, and try to be nice while you're out on the road, even to those 'greenies'!

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