Wyoming really does have the best wildlife! As we head into another weekend, the final weekend before Thanksgiving, it leaves a lot of us with just a few days of work before the long holiday weekend. This deer in Wyoming knows exactly how all of us feel as we break out of work.

It only took a few seconds of video to capture this beautiful creature galloping and/or hopping along as if he just got out of the office despite not finishing his/her TPS reports. In case your weekend didn't get off the greatest start, this just might put a smile on your face.

The music couldn't have possibly been better than Rednex's 1995 hit, 'Cotton Eye Joe'. And kudos to this poster and driver for being courteous enough to this Wyoming creature and let him prance on his way while they captured the deer looking thrilled. He/she definitely has that Friday feeling down.

The deer even took the luxury of swerving his prancing route into the other lane on the road (not that it would know the rules of the road) as if to say, 'don't care' before heading back off the road to go do more deer things. It's pretty safe to say that deer is all of us as we leave the office to get our weekend started.

For those of you who don't speak Spanish like myself, 'Venados' means 'Deer'. Let's all try to head into the weekend and love life as much as this Wyoming deer is!

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