According to a new report, mothers in the Cowboy State are experiencing higher rates of post-partum depression, as well as other forms of depression related to income and insurance after giving birth. The study, covered in depth by the Jackson Hole News & Guide, shows that more than 19 percent of women who give birth in Wyoming have experienced depression in the 2 years post-partum.

The CDC lists the average for U.S. Women to experience depression as one in ten, or 10%. Wyoming rates are nearly double that of the national average.

The state's lower population is at least partially to blame for the discrepancy, due to surveys and statistics being skewed by Wyoming's status as the least populous state in the country. Mothers were surveyed in this report with more than 70 additional questions, including questions about income, insurance coverage, feelings of depression, and worries about their baby's well-being.

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