Well south of Rock Springs, Wyoming, lies Blanding, Utah. This past week, they put an 80-year ban on booze on the ballot and the majority of the population of about 3,400 residents voted to keep prohibition, saying it would rob them of their way of life.

“At 6,106 feet in elevation, Blanding certainly is high. And, after Tuesday’s vote, it remains “dry.””

They’ve been a dry town since the 1930s, meaning they do not serve alcohol. They reject the use alcohol to boost tourism. Blanding is a gateway to Natural Bridges National Monument, Lake Powell, Edge of the Cedars State Park and Bears Ears National Monument.

“Utah has about half a dozen dry communities, according to state alcohol regulators.”

So, if you’re planning a road trip into Utah and want to wet your whistle in Blanding, you’ll have to settle for something without spirits.

For those who are really thirsty, you can buy beer at a convenience store 3 miles outside of Blanding or get liquor and wine at a state-run liquor store 20 miles away.

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