If you are a Denver Bronco fan who has just moved to Wyoming, have you already sensed that on NFL Sundays you’ll still feel right at home?

Yes, there are a lot of Denver Broncos fans here, and many are looking forward to the August 23 release of the book, “The Mannings.” I bet in Peyton's final year, Cowboy State folks were kinder about his aging abilities than the people of Denver.

One part of the book has to do with why that second Super Bowl almost never happened. Paraphrasing Indy Star reporter, Dana Hunsinger Benbow, "When young Andrew Luck soundly beat Manning in the AFC playoffs in January 2015, … Manning went home to New Orleans to talk to Archie and Olivia, (Dad and) Mom, about retiring. Of course, he decided not to retire. Retirement wouldn't come until a year later, after he won his second Super Bowl against the Carolina Panthers. Late that night, hours after the 200th and final victory of his NFL career, after the reporters had finally finished with questions, Manning met up with his family. ‘Peyton didn't say it at this moment, but here, in the warm embrace of his family, the end had finally arrived.’" 

See more excerpts of "The Mannings" in a link to Dana’s full column here.

Another thing Wyomingites like about Peyton Manning is that he love’s fishing too, and we hope he’s doing a lot of it now.  He’s earned it?

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