Moose are really fun creatures to look at, you know, from a super safe distance. They're kind of majestic, right? They're usually fairly slow-moving, noble animals of the Wyoming wild. They're also massive animals, so it's really inspiring to see them enjoying their life.

A photographer on TikTok waited out a snowstorm in Wyoming and waited for an entire herd of moose to get up from napping and covering from the storm in some sage bushes. When they all stand up, it has a total "wow" factor - just a moment with these huge animals rising from the snow and Earth. It's almost too cool of a sign if I'm being honest. It's also one of those things that you appreciate, but you're not making a Facebook group about it because you're a big moose fan.

Anyways, check out the video for yourself; I really enjoyed it.

What are snow moose in the Summer? Sunshine moose? That's what I'd call them.

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Really, it's impressive that she waited in a snowstorm for over two hours while they were napping to get these photos. That's a lot of dedication to your craft and to be able to get that perfect shot of the moose.

I'm on my fifth rewatch of this TikTok. I can't get enough of it. It's really cool when photographers show what they get to see all the time. The zoomed-in close-up shots of the moose are my favorites. I do like that she made sure to put a disclaimer that she was distanced so she wouldn't get roasted in the comment section.

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