It's that time again, we yearn to get away from it all, plan our camping trips, and discover the "greenies" have already beat us to our favorite spots.

Here are our top 10 Wyoming campgrounds. Let us know if we missed any and what your favorite is in the comments section or our Facebook page!

Nestled against the Tetons, this is one of Wyoming's prettiest campgrounds. It's a great spot to stay if you're doing some Yellowstone touring, too!

While I can't confirm, last time I stayed here the camp host told us it's the most elevated campground in Wyoming. So that means, stay here when it's warm! But you can't beat the scenery.

Another one of the prettiest campgrounds in Wyoming. Located in the Big Horn Mountains this is also an ideal spot for fishing.

A trip above Lander is ideal for any outdoor lover. Fiddler's Lake Campground has easy access to many hiking trails, water activities, and is great for wildlife viewing.

Great Scenery, good fishing, and hiking trails are abundant at this favorite above Dubois. Do be aware - this is a popular spot for bears. Bring bear spray and some noise makers if you're hiking.

If you're looking for the best view in Wyoming, this is a top contender. Signal Mountain offers great views of the Tetons and easy access to water. Get there early, as there are only a limited number of camp sites.

Great for boat enthusiasts with Keyhole Reservoir adjacent to many camp sites. This spot it northeastern Wyoming is in the shadow of Devil's Tower.

My second favorite choice above Lander is Worthen Meadows. Cleanly campground features easy access to hiking trails and great fishing spots.

Great place to grab a cabin for a few nights or set up camp. It's much less "rural" than the others listed, and features a pool, laundry room, and recreation for kids.

Gold panning anyone? Any camping spot near Atlantic City and South Pass City is great for those looking to strike it rich. More realistically, Louis Lake Campground has a lot of great ATV trails!