Ian Munsick is originally from Sheridan, Wyoming.

He grew up on a ranch with his brothers, playing music across Northern Wyoming with his family.

Ian moved to Nashville a few years ago to attend college and pursue his music career, and took his unique Wyoming sound and upbringing with him.

In a recent article published by People MagazineIan Munsick let his love for the state shine through.

I felt like our part of the country was extremely unrepresented in country music...They love country music because it's what they do. They work on ranches all day and they do everything that is quote, unquote, country. So that's what I feel called and obligated to do … bring the west to the rest.

Less than a year ago Ian signed with Warner Music Nashville and the positive impact of this has definitely begun to show.

His Coyote Cry Tour has been selling out, and it's a whole new level of excitement at his performances.

Ian has been releasing "stripped" versions of many of his songs along with an accompanying video.

A "Stripped" single/video means it's just the artist and one or two instruments. In this case, it's Ian and his guitar accompanied by the phenomenal fiddle player, Wynton Grant.

Listen to Ian's stripped-down version of "Solo" and let us know what you think.


If you live locally in Casper, Wyoming you'll be able to catch both Ian and his brother Tris playing at David Street Station for 5150 Fest.

And, if you liked that "stripped" video you'll love this one that features Ian's adorable son.


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