I'm a simple girl. I see Wyoming and alcohol, I click. I especially love it when larger brands or sites take on a 50 states challenge of some sort, because Wyoming is guaranteed to be in it, even if you have to wade through all 49 states first before you get to it. Buzzfeed did a video last year detailing two of their reporters trying each of the drinks from all 50 states. And yes, they did get buzzed by the end of it.

So I sat through this monstrously long video, thinking what kind of a cool drink they could possibly have ready for Wyoming at the very end. Some Wyoming Whiskey? A mixed drink with a classically western name one might find at the Buckhorn?

Watch the video for yourself, but be forewarned, this video does contain graphic language and (obviously) drinking. Wyoming is mentioned at 23:54.

So, I watch the whole thing and at the end Wyoming's most iconic drink is revealed to be.....

Now, I'll happily drink a box of wine with my friends any day, but how could that be Wyoming's most iconic drink? The video lists it's source as the Wyoming Department of Revenue calling Franzia the second-most ordered wine in Wyoming. There are some issues with that. First of all, where's the data for the most ordered alcohol in the state? Do we look like a state that drinks more wine than whiskey to you?

Let us know in the comments what you would consider Wyoming's most iconic alcoholic beverage!

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