It's a well known fact that Wyoming showcases some of the most breathtaking scenery on the planet. There's also some incredibly odd exhibits here in the Cowboy State.

Here's our completely subjective and totally unofficial list of the five wackiest attractions in Wyoming.

1. Big Nose's Shoes - The most morbid item on display at the Carbon County Museum in Rawlins is a pair of shoes made from the skin of a train robber named "Big Nose" George Warden, who was lynched by an angry mob in 1878.

2. Mother Featherlegs -  The country's only public monument to a prostitute sits 10 miles south of Lusk, Wyoming. The granite slab pays tribute to "Mother Featherlegs" Shepard, a lady of the evening who plied her trade along the old Cheyenne-Deadwood Stage Road in the 1870s.

3. The Oldest Cabin in the World - Although it wasn't completed until 1933, the Como Bluff Fossil Cabin Museum in Medicine Bow, Wyoming, is, in some respects, the world's oldest cabin. Constructed from nearly 6,000 dinosaur bones found in the area, it's advertised as the "building that used to walk".

4. The Two Headed Calf - Wyoming has its fare share of mythical beasts, including the World's Largest Jackalope in Douglas, a grizzly bear purported to have been killed by a man with his bare hands in Jackson, and even the skull of a "unicorn" cow in Sheridan, the quirkiest animal on display in the Cowboy State is the preserved remains of a two headed calf at the Red Onion Museum in the eastern Wyoming town of Upton.

5. Tree in the Rock - When early railroad workers laid the first tracks from Cheyenne to Laramie in the late 1860s, they were so enamored with this single pine tree, which seemingly grew out of a boulder, that they deliberately moved the railroad tracks to avoid it.

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