I know we're all excited for Cheyenne Frontier Days to kick off next Friday, but this coming Thursday has a really cool event making it's way to the Capitol City. The 4-Ever West Tattoo Festival is set to kick off Thursday at the Depot Plaza. This event is back and better than ever and we should get excited. Paint Slingers, Coolio & Rob Base and so much more.

Paint Slingers

Paint Slingers are back and putting their awesome skills to work. If you remember last year, they painted a ton of really cool murals across the city. I got to meet the organizers last year, they were really cool and did such an awesome job. Especially during the circumstances of 2020.

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Coolio & Rob Base

I can't believe this is happening! A FREE show with Coolio & Rob Base? Are you kidding me?! My rebellious adolescents heart is ready to explode. Shout out to West Edge Collective for making this happen.

Wyoming State Arm Wrestling Championship

This will be interesting to say the least! Super yoked guys coming and trying to rip each other's arms off for a championship and our entertainment? Yes, please! I loved watching "Over The Top" as a kid, so I can't wait to check this out!

Events For Everyone

There are tons of things to bring the whole family out. Sidewalk chalk art, food vendors, ART, face painting and so much more! What are you waiting for, pencil in the 4-Ever West Tattoo Festival and Paint Slingers for your weekend festivities.


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