If you have Wyoming’s web worm moths on your windshield and front end, you may have basic household solutions to get them off. Often just a drive though wash doesn’t do the job.

All of these are in a post from a Louisiana radio station, about their regional problem with love bugs. If you know about those southern swarms, you might imagine what works on them must work on anything.

If you have a newer car, and you’d never use anything the manufacturer didn’t recommend, some of these are pretty harmless, unlike abrasive soaps. For instance, if you have the beautiful “BMW Black” finish, you might want to try some of these only on the windshield.

1. Baby Oil – Spread on a light film of it when the car is just cleaned. This will make the later removal not such a task. (That's just a little prevention first.)

2. Johnson’s Baby Shampoo – Add warm water to the shampoo and elbow grease.

3. Cooking Spray – Go figure. Use it at the first sign of love bugs.

4. Baking Soda – Good ole Arm & Hammer with warm water melts away insects.

5. Lamp Oil – Add 1/2 cup to your wash bucket. It leaves no streaks.


If you saw the list in the attached post, you may have noted, "Don't be afraid to also try WD-40." (I don’t know. Some of us might still be a little afraid.)

Also mentioned was, "Spray down the car, then just wipe with used Dryer Sheets." (We'll go with the advice to wipe very lightly.)

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