My wife and I moved to Cheyenne amid the beginning, Tiger King part of the pandemic in March, so we really haven't had a ton of opportunities to explore our new state. That changed(some) over the weekend and through the first part of this week. We finally were able to hit the road.

We had decided beforehand, that we should hit up a resort, that seems like the easiest going place for us to enjoy a getaway together, and not have to feel overly crowded, and deal with the anxiety of the pandemic. So, Saratoga Hot Springs Resort was where we agreed on!

We left Sunday morning, bright eyed and bushy tailed...Not really, we left around noon. We stopped for lunch at one of the greatest treasures of Laramie, Corona Village. They have great Margs and their food is probably the best Mexican I've had in Wyoming, thus far.

With our bellys full and happy, we set on our trip. After driving about 30-45 minutes, we found a town neither of us had heard of, Centennial Wyoming. It's a small, cute area at the base of Medicine bow. We stopped at a Mercantile Shop to see what they had to offer, and hoped they had a cork screw for our wine that we may or may not have packed...

Next, we set forth through Medicine Bow. Every turn, was the most beautiful turn I've ever seen in my life. I'm sure we over used the words, wow, this is so beautiful. We weren't wrong. The sights we saw, were maybe one of the best experiences of my life. If you grew up seeing that your whole life, you may want to reintroduce yourself to it's beauty.

We made it to Saratoga around 4, checked in and immediately headed over to Snowy Mountain Brewery to try some beers. They did not disappoint.  Looking out toward the pool and hot spring area, it was filled with families and children. Lots of children. The person that decided after 9pm were Adult hours should be a Patron Saint. The hot springs were so comfortable and relaxing late at night, with the cool air setting outside our teepee.

Along with reading books, relaxing, enjoying local craft brews and the scenery, we made out way to the Wolf Hotel. This place is so cool! The food was good and you're sitting in history.

After a few days, we made our way back, and I honestly can't wait to go back through Medicine Bow. Here are some pictures I took on our trip.

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