Students will soon be returning to school, and many parents and students are trying to prepare for the upcoming school year.

School in Albany County School District Number One starts on Wednesday, August 21 with a half-day of classes (here's a link to the district 2019-2020 calendar).

The District has a porthole for Back to School Information (Buses, lunch, ECT...) - Find it Here

Below are links to the schools in the district, and school supply lists where available.

Beitel Elementary School - School Supply List

Centennial Elementary School

Harmony Elementary School

Indian Paintbrush Elementary School - School Supply List

Laramie High School

Laramie Junior High School

Laramie Montessori

Linford Elementary School

Rock River

Slade Elementary School - School Supply List

Snowy Range Academy - School Supply List

Spring Creek Elementary School - School Supply List

UW Lab School

Valley View Elementary - School Supply List

Whiting High School