Today marks the first day of Fall or Autumn, as you may prefer. That means we're slowly going to lose all things Summer around Cheyenne as we transition to 10 months of winter. The city was out yesterday, as far as I know, without any ceremony, taking down the tents and stage. Just go ahead and pause as you think about what a great Summer this was. Did you just have flashbacks of beers on the Downtown Depot Plaza? Images of food trucks dancing in your head? All the rock music? At least the last band we saw was a great Pearl Jam cover band.

It's kind of sad to see these tents going down. It's almost like the city of Cheyenne has a collective tear shed for our Summer activities. I didn't see anything, but I'm assuming that's it for the splash pad for the Summer, as well. So, we're just going to be back to seeing a wide-open space.

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So, what now? Well, we're still going to see some activities in the Depot Plaza throughout Fall and to the end of the year, it just won't be as hectic. That's ok, just think, we're a little over a month and a half from the Depot Plaza being covered in Christmas Decorations. Yeah, Thanksgiving is close.

Until then, just wait for fun activities like a chili cookoff or other smaller scaled events to fill up the plaza until next June(woof). Hold back those tears, Cheyenne.


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