They're at it again, those pesky millennials.

First, they killed the hotel industry by either not having enough money to go on vacations or using Air BnB instead to save some cash or rent out their apartment when they're gone to off-set costs. Then they killed the restaurant industry by preferring to eat their avocado toast at home. What's next?

Apparently, it's the doorbell industry. It's all because the entire generation is more used to texting "here" rather than actually getting out of their car (ugh) walking up to the door (UGH) and pressing a button to indicate their presence (Gross!)

What will be the next industry on the chopping block for the technologically competent, perpetually broke, environmentally conscience generation that's ruining the way of live of the US?

This article is satire. Don't worry, Millennials are just using Nest doorbells instead.  

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