This fabulous map took a creative way to label the locations shown on it. Rather than standard topography, names of towns and cities and rivers, it uses song lyrics.

"Hollywood Freaks," labels the suburb of Los Angeles, and Kenny Loggin's Danger Zone is the song describing the area in Nevada where nuclear testing took place. Even Adele makes an appearance, with Rolling In The Deep describing part of southern Texas.

But for the Cowboy State, you'll notice more allegories and less specific places.

The state itself is labeled "Why Wyoming," from the 1987 song by Holly Dunn. As you might expect, the capitol city is "I Can Still Make Cheyenne," from the song by George Strait. "Somewhereinamerica," from rapper Jay-Z appears to have been placed in a section of the state without any population- between Riverton and Dubois.

Art shop "Dorothy," put together this map as an art project, but best of all, it's printed in a large format and perfect to hang on a wall or frame for a centerpiece in any room.

You can purchase the map, which would make a fabulous gift for any music lover- particularly if that fan enjoys travelling as well.  It even has a Spotify playlist with all of the songs mentioned in the map.

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