This is a surprise, but not that big of a surprise when you look at the calendar.

On their Facebook page yesterday, the Cheyenne Animal Shelter announced that they're at capacity with intakes and are having to waitlist surrenders. Less than a month ago, they had an incredibly successful "Empty The Shelter" event, leaving just one dog left after the event. The shelter is completely full now.

They have had a lot of intakes since December 18th.

Since that time, we have taken in:
11 Transfers from other shelters
21 Owner Surrenders
17 Stray and Public Drop-Off
38 Animal Control Seized Custody or Stray Pick-Up
As of yesterday, they have nearly 80 dogs in their shelter. This is usually a really tough time of the year for shelters in general with heavy intakes. Especially after the Holidays and people not wanting the pets that they got as presents.
They're asking to make sure you have tags on your pets and that they're microchipped to help alleviate the number of strays that they're intaking so you're able to immediately reclaim your pet.
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Also, starting this week, the Cheyenne Animal Shelter has adjusted its hours of operations for adoptions. They're open to the public Monday through Saturday Noon to 5:30 pm with their regular business hours being Monday through Saturday Noon to 6 pm. Adoptions are by appointment only.

If you're looking for a new furry friend, make sure you stop by the Cheyenne Animal Shelter to see all the awesome potential new family members that they have available for adoption.

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